Mangnus Wennman

Born in Sweden in 1979, Magnus Wennman has been working as a photojournalist since the age of 17 when he started his career with a local Swedish newspaper, DalaDemokraten.

Magnus has worked in more than 80 countries, covering everything from the US election to the refugee crisis in Africa, Middle East and Europe.

The five-times Photojournalist of the Year has won more than 70 awards, including five World Press Photo awards, all in different categories. He was named by the Red Cross as its Journalist of the Year for 2017.

He is now gaining a reputation as a filmmaker as well as a photographer. His short film Fatima’s Drawings, where a now safe refugee child reflects on her escape through her drawings, won the best digital storytelling award at Visa D’or in Perpignan in 2016.

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